Frequently asked question

Frequently asked question; These are very basic questions about your document needs for different purposes such as travel, identity, residence and international citizenship. Please remember that different countries may have different requirements and here only general queries have been answered which may be different in real scenarios. If you have any query or need clarification, feel free to contact us.

Where I can use your Documents?

Passports we produce successfully pass all existing tests, like UV-test, MRZ check, machine check and so on. In fact we didn’t get any serious complaints from our customers on the problems with customs, airports or any others law authorities during traveling. You also can use your new passport, ID card or driver’s license to open bank account, get job legally, apply for getting visa officially, rent car, office or house.

Is it legal?

We always put the valid numbers on your new documents. So, you can use your documents without any problems. If you are not sure about this, we recommend to use additional services such as documents duplicates or document registration in database. It will be the official issued documents in fact.

How safe is delivery?

We always put the documents inside a magazine or a book, making it difficult to see or feel what is inside. So in fact we didn’t get any complaints from our customers on the problems with delivery before.

How soon you will start producing my order after payment?

We’ll proceed with your order at the same day after the payment will be confirmed. It will takes not more than 24 hours. The estimated time for your order producing are 2-4 days.

Would Your Documents Work Like Real Documents?

Yes, our real documents are just exactly the same as you acquire from the authorities. Everything used in the process is of same level of quality as the authorities use and we use real government database systems to register client’s information so that if it is verified in government database, it is marked as real document which can be used for legal purpose. Our all clients are 100% assured to provide with high quality real documents.

How long does shipping take?

Express delivery will takes 3-7 days, depends of your region. Your package will be shipped in the same or next day after your order will be finished. We ship all orders in discreet packaging without mentioning about our company.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Sounds impossible but, Yes we delivery Worldwide as fast as possible.

Can I See Some Examples of Your Happy Clients?

If it would have been possible, we would love to do that but it’s not. Documents are personal asset and that’s why have to be confidential . Therefore, most of our clients who have acquired documents from us want us to keep their information as secret.

Everyone can have different objective, some may want because of their fear of dismissal from their original country to apprehensions over financial investigations into their other country’s banking and investments records. For others, there can be more personal reasons for keeping their second citizenship confidential.

We have lots of real remarks given by our clients, featured on our website. Only for the security purposes, we have changed the original name that is after all their right.

Put yourself in their shoes and imagine if you would have acquired a second passport, would you want the whole world to know about it?


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